The 5 Most Incredibly Detailed Replicas Ever Made by Fans

For whatever reason, a popular means of expressing one's enthusiasm for a piece of pop culture is to look at said thing and ask: ...

Curiosities of the world

The world I fill this one with curious things, and of mad occurrences it humanizes but they do not do the slightly entertaining life do not believe it this way.

Russian gamer in dramatic collapse after experiencing Oculus Rift

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Meet Europe's dirtiest man who sleeps every night in a pile of HOT ASH

Ludvik Dolezal regularly burns his few possessions and anything else he can get his hands on to save...

Giant cauliflower weighs in at 27.5kg

Peter Glazebrook, who already owns four world records for the longest beetroot and parsnip and the heaviest onion and potato...

Jesus Christ's face shows up in a California pancake

The latest of many appearances by Jesus Christ's face in food has turned up in a Good Friday pancake.